• Jun 11 2021

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    Heat Stroke in Dogs

    Summer means swimming, camping, relaxation, and lots of fun in the sun! …

  • Jun 03 2021

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    June is Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat Month

    With “kitten season” fully underway, shelters will soon be full of cats and kittens in need of loving homes. It is in late spring and early summer when cats often…

  • May 27 2021

    Thumbnail for Summer Road Trips With Your Pet 

    Summer Road Trips With Your Pet 

    Summer vacation is almost here! The big question is, are you prepared to travel with your pet this summer? Some vacations are well-suited to include your furry friend, but it is…

  • May 20 2021

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    Fireworks and Your Dogs

    Another summer season of fireworks is approaching. But, while fireworks are entertaining for people, they can cause a tremendous fear response in our dogs.  …

  • May 06 2021

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    Pets and Houseplants 

    Many of us enjoy having houseplants to bring life to our homes.   …

  • Apr 29 2021

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    Springtime Garden Dangers for Pets

    The snow is gone, and the trees are finally starting to show the green buds of new life. For many gardeners, it is time to dust off their gloves and take up their tools to…

  • Apr 22 2021

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    It’s International Guide Dog Day on April 28th

    You have probably seen them walking in your neighborhood, in the grocery store, or at the park. …